The waters of the Emerald Coast provide anglers of all skill levels an opportunity to catch a variety of fish. Look over the different types of charters listed and decide on your next adventure. Please, if you would like a type of charter other than what is described, do not hesitate to contact Captain Daniel and challenge him to customize your trip today!


Depending on the type of charter you choose, the targeted species and to best make use of your time on the water, you will be asked to meet the Captain at the closest boat launch to the area being fished. Most launches are within a 30 minute drive of Panama City or Panama City Beach. In addition, launch times may vary for trips due to the type of fish targeted, time of year, weather conditions and the tides.




Flats fishing consists of slowing drifting, using a trolling motor or quietly

poling the boat across the shallow grass flats allowing anglers of all experience levels to enjoy the peace and quiet of a day on the water and an opportunity to catch a variety of fish. Redfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder, Spanish Mackerel, Jacks, Ladyfish and many others roam the flats and provide hours of fun for those who enjoy blind casting different areas. Spinning tackle is normally used and Captain Daniel will provide one-on-one instruction that will increase your odds at catching fish! Fly fisherman are always welcome and will enjoy targeting the different species.


In addition to enjoying the fishing, those who choose a Flats Fishing Charter will also have the opportunity to see the wide range of life that inhabits the backwater estuaries of our bays. You may see numerous bird species, marine life including Bottlenose Dolphins, Sharks, Rays, Crabs and many others.


A Flats Fishing Charter is perfect for the beginner or those that are being introduced to fishing. For example, it provides a parent an opportunity to enjoy the excitement of that first fish with a child while letting Captain Daniel handle everything else. The patient and in-depth instruction that is offered at no additional cost is just another great benefit of fishing with Grassy Flats Charters!