Fly Fisherman are a breed apart. Men and Women who have generally mastered most other methods of catching fish that now find themselves searching for that special moment when everything comes together in order to land a personal trophy. Individuals that take up this challenging sport have moved past the stages of wanting to just catch fish. Fly Fishing is as much about the journey and enjoying the entire experience as it is about hooking and landing a fish. Personally I have reached that stage in my live and as much as I enjoy watching novice and experienced anglers catch fish with other methods, I focus most of my personal time on the water to chunking bugs!



Need some help? No problem, I have been helping anglers of all skill levels over the years with their fly casting and fly fishing techniques. In fact, in order to keep developing my skills and to offer an even greater level of professionalism to my clients, I am working on obtaining my Casting Instructor Certification through the IFFF (International Federation of Fly Fishers).



The boat for your charter, the East Cape Vantage, works perfectly as the platform to get to and from our fishing locations dry and comfortable! It has a huge forward deck for unobstructed casting. In addition, I have several different types of elevated casting platforms that were custom made to increase the safety, comfort, and thrill of fly fishing! Furthermore, depending on the conditions, you may choose several methods of line management: Stripping bucket from “Strip and Feed Research”, a “LineLair” Stripping mat from Carbon Marine, a waist mounted stripping basket from “Linekurv”, or simply strip line into the cockpit. I’m easy, use whatever works best for you!



Even though all of your tackle needs will be accommodated, you may bring your own. However please talk with me prior to your trip to make sure the tackle is properly matched for your targeted species. Currently I have 7, 8, 10, and 12 wt Sage Xi3 and SALT series rods matched with Sage Saltwater 6000 series reels, Rio lines, and flies that I hand tie for whatever is biting.


So, If you are looking for challenge and a great day on the water, pick your target: Reds, Tarpon, Cobia, etc… and climb aboard!