Sight fishing charters usually appeal to the more experienced angler, it’s basically hunting on the water where patience and stealth are key. However, if you can follow directions and consider yourself a quick learner you will be rewarded with a fishing experience like no other. Captain Snapp will quietly pole your boat around in waters so shallow that it is not unusual to spot red fish feeding or laying in ambush with their backs out of the water or practically standing on their head with their tails waving in the air searching for food, truly an incredible sight!

Once fish have been spotted, your success is measured by the fish being in the mood to eat, your ability to see the fish and your skill in making quick accurate casts. Some days there are numerous opportunities to cast at and land fish where you may see a hundred or more. Other days you may only land one, but I can tell you from experience that only one fish caught sight fishing will change you forever.

Depending upon the weather and time of year; tarpon, cobia and pompano can be sight fished right off of our beaches providing anglers with a change of scenery and a chance to land a fish of a lifetime. Motoring slowly along or anchoring just off the beach allows us to get close to the fish in order to make accurate casts. Either method consists of anglers being elevated to make spotting fish easier. The casting platforms onboard Captain Snapp’s Lostman are secure and allows anglers the peace of mind so they can cast with confidence.

Fly fishermen are welcome and will thoroughly enjoy casting from the elevated custom casting platform or large uncluttered front deck. However, at this time anglers will need to supply their own tackle.


Sight Fishing in Panama City