In addition to fishing trips Captain Snapp also provides you with Deerthe option to book a custom Sightseeing / Photo Excursion charter throughout several of our area’s beautiful unspoiled bay systems and estuaries (Special Note: Depending on the conditions, a trip to shell island may also be possible). On this trip, we aren’t concerned about fishing so all efforts are concentrated on areas were one may see the largest variety of life above and below the water. It is not unusual to witness Osprey’s regularly diving into the shallows catching fish, numerous other types of water fowl slowly hunting the flats and if you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of a bald eagle or even white tail deer.



DolphinPeering down into the clear waters from two elevated platforms you may see sting rays, crabs, and many different varieties of fish going about their day looking for food. As a special bonus because it does not happen on every trip, large sharks and bottle nose dolphins can be observed chasing bait and feeding in very shallow water, truly a sight very few have a chance to witness in the wild.