Fishing charters normally include 1 to 2 people but a third can be added at no additional cost. However, there may be disadvantages on adding a third person depending upon the type of trip chosen. Captain Daniel will be happy to explain before you decide. All other trips are usually up to 3 adults, however, if children will be going the number may be increased up to 5 passengers.


If there are more than three in your party and depending upon the trip you choose and the availability of another Captain that I recommend, two boats may be at your disposal.


As hard as I try, I cannot guarantee how many fish will be caught. Some days, for many different reasons the fish just don’t want to cooperate but that is rarely the case. However, I can assure you of several factors:

  • I will be on time and have all of the necessary equipment for your specific charter. This includes a clean, safe, reliable boat, and gear!
  • I will place you in areas that I know for a fact has produced fish in the past for myself and other anglers.
  • I will provide you with the correct lure/bait and instructions on how to catch as many fish as possible.
  • I will do everything in my control to accommodate your needs and requests.
  • You will leave with more knowledge and a better understanding of fishing in our local waters.
  • I will give you 100% of my attention and efforts to provide you with a great day on the water!

For your convenience, deposits are not required. However, I do ask that you respect my time and business by notifying me at least two weeks in advance if you will not be able to keep your reservation. I am a Professional and a Man of My Word and expect the same Qualities from my Clients.


Please do not decide to cancel due to weather until you have talked with me first. The weather is constantly changing, especially in the summer months and what might look bad to someone unfamiliar with our weather could change at any time. Some nasty looking days in the beginning have turned out as some of my most productive.

Charters are Cash Only (there may be exceptions, so ask if “Cash Only” presents a problem). Tips are Greatly Appreciated if you feel that I fulfilled your trip expectations.

$ 400.00 -
Flats Fishing, 4 hours for up to 3 anglers
$ 400.00 -
Sight Fishing on the Flats, 4 hours
(usually 1 or 2 anglers, give me a call for more specifics).
$ 600.00 -
Sight Fishing off the Beach, 6 hours up to 3 anglers for Tarpon, Cobia, Bull Reds, Jack Crevalle and Shark
$ 400.00 -
Nearshore, usually within 5 miles of the beach, 4 hours Spin or Fly up to 3 anglers (King’s, Spanish, Bonita, Sailfish, Shark, etc...)
$ 400.00 -
Sight Seeing / Photo Excursion, 4 hours up to 3 Adults (Note: The number going may be increased if it involves children, give me a call for more info)
$ 400.00 -
Snorkeling Adventure and Dolphin Viewing, 4 hours up to 3 Adults
(Note: The number going may be increased if it involves children, give me a call for more info)
$ 400.00 -
Crooked Island Sound “Do it all Excursion” 4 hours up to 3 Adults
(fish, sightsee, snorkel, collect shells or just relax!),
(Note: The number going may be increased if it involves children, give me a call for more info)

Please remember on a Grassy Flats Charter, locating, catching bait and boat rides to and from our destinations do not count toward your time on the water. The best part is, I Love what I do! If you would like to extend the time of your charter from the hours listed and if there is not a conflict with my schedule, arrangements to stay longer may be made at no additional cost to you!


I practice catch and release. But if you would like to keep some fish to eat I will be happy to supply a cooler and ice for you. However, you will need to bring a cooler to transfer your catch to. If you need to have your fish cleaned or prepped for transport, I can recommend a seafood market that is open 7 days a week from 10a-6p.